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Privacy Policy

ITEC Informationssysteme AG (hereinafter referred to as "iTEC") is a company specializing in the recruitment and provision of IT workers.

For the purpose of carrying out our services, we collect, store and process personal data of our candidates, customers / business partners and suppliers.

This privacy policy applies to the personal data of the visitors of our website, candidates, customers and suppliers and explains in particular the following topics:

  • what information we collect and for what reason

  • how we use this information and

  • which rights the data subject has in relation to the use of their personal data


Site visitors:

The site uses only so-called "strictly necessary cookies", a tracking of the user behavior of the website visitors and the collection of further data does not take place. For a detailed description of cookies, please read the section "Use of Cookies".

Applicants / Candidates:

The personal data of our candidates are processed exclusively in order to offer them suitable employment opportunities. The applicant data collected will not be used for any marketing or advertising purposes. In our processes, no automated decision-making takes place. The decisions on which candidates are addressed for which positions are made by our recruiting team.

Which personal candidate data is collected:

  • Personal identification data (candidate number, title, first name, last name, address, contact details, telephone number, e-mail address)

  • Personal details (title, date / place of birth, nationality, marital status)

  • If applicable - immigration status (work permit)

  • Training / Education

  • Professional experience and skills

Personal data of candidates may be transferred to other companies (existing contractual partners of iTEC as well as potential new contractual partners) for the purpose of providing personnel.


Candidates' data will be kept for the duration of the application process, any subsequent employment and, after application and/or employment, for the duration of the respective legal retention period and/or for 48 months after the last collaboration.


Pseudonymized data (desired position, applicant number as well as some professional key facts can be published on our website if necessary. No personal data will be listed, which allow conclusions to be drawn about your person. .
The purpose is to give potential customers the opportunity to actively contact iTEC Informationssysteme AG in order to express interest in a more detailed - and still pseudonymized - profile. In this case, prior contact would be made with the candidate. 


Customers / business partners:

We need to collect information about our customers / business partners or individuals within their organizations in order to provide services to them.


Which personal data of our customers / business partners are collected:

  • Personal identification data (customer number, title, first name, last name, business address, contact details (telephone number, email address)

  • If necessary, check with the Credit Protection Association (KSV)


To work smoothly with our suppliers, we need to gather information about them or about people within their organization.


Which personal data of our suppliers are collected:

  • Personal identification data (title, first name, last name, Business address, contact information (telephone number, email address)

  • Personal details (salutation, date of birth)


Personal data is always kept for the duration of the respective legal retention period and / or 48 months after the last relevant contact and then deleted from our systems.


For the provision of our services, we use technical processors (for example, the manufacturer of our recruiting software or hosting providers), which may only occasionally have access to personal data stored by us in the context of maintenance work. Our processors are contractually bound to protect this information by maintaining confidentiality and complying with data security practices. All iTEC processors are companies within the European Union, there is no data storage / data transfer outside the European Union.

In principle, only pseudonymised candidate profiles are forwarded in the first step. If it is absolutely necessary to pass on personal data of candidates, written consent will always be obtained to pass on their data for this purpose. Furthermore, the fulfillment of legal obligations to transfer personal data to courts or authorities may occur.

The data of our customers / business partners or suppliers as well as data of applicants and employees are only accessible to iTEC-internal employees who are entitled and qualified for this. Personal data of customers / business partners are occasionally passed on to candidates in the context of the handling of appointment coordination for job interviews.


Even after the transfer of personal data to iTEC, data subjects have different rights with regard to these data - we would like to outline these rights in the following.

Affected parties have at any time, if not excessively used, the free right to:

Obtain information:

Those affected will of course receive information about the personal data that iTEC stores and processes through them.



If these data are incomplete or no longer applicable, then they may request a correction / supplement.


Deletion / revocation of consent

Affected parties can exercise their "right to forget" at any time. In such cases, iTEC is obliged to delete the affected personal data, if it does not need to be stored for legal reasons. When requesting the deletion of personal data, iTEC expects to include those concerned in the list of those who do not wish to be contacted in order to minimize the chance of being contacted again by iTEC in the future. If this is not desired, we ask affected persons to inform us explicitly.

Restriction, blocking, data portability and opposition to the further use of his personal data

Affected parties may further exercise or object to iTEC's right to restriction or blocking and data portability.

When blocking, the data is neither deleted, nor edited or further used. This applies, for example, to cases in which there is a dispute about the accuracy of the data or if you have objected to the processing of data, but it is still unclear whether the compelling legitimate reasons of the company for the further processing outweigh.


How to exercise your right

Covetous rights must be clear and verifiable. iTEC is free to respond via the same means of communication as the person concerned desired. In this regard, it is recommended to send requests in writing to iTEC.


Requests by affected persons (information, correction, cancellation / revocation, restriction, suspension, data portability) will be answered by iTEC immediately, or at least within one month after receipt of the request. This period may be extended by a further two months, if necessary, taking into account the complexity and the number of applications.

If the deadline is extended, iTEC shall notify the persons concerned without delay, but no later than one month after receipt of the request about the reasons and the possibility of lodging a complaint with a supervisory authority or lodging a judicial remedy (= negative information)

Information and all communications and measures are provided free of charge. In the case of manifestly unfounded or excessive requests (for example, if the request is repeated frequently) to a data subject, iTEC may either

  • require a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs of notifying or communicating or implementing the requested action, or,

  • refuse to act on the request

Whether the request of the person concerned was actually manifestly unfounded or excessive, iTEC has to prove.

Proof of identity. 

If there is reasonable doubt as to the identity of the Applicant, iTEC may request additional information necessary to confirm the identity of the Applicant.

Affected parties have the right to contact the data protection authority free of charge in the event of a dispute.

If you have questions about this privacy policy or the exercise of the rights of the person concerned, please contact:


iTEC Information Systems AG
Mr. Robert Eory (CEO)
Schlachthausgasse 10, 1030 Vienna


Our career portal and our application form is operated by "coveto ATS GmbH" (Gutleutstraße 12, 63667 Nidda) and is integrated in our website.

coveto is a recruiting software for managing job offers, applicants and customers. coveto is thus a processor. A detailed description of which data may be collected by coveto ATS GmbH can be found under the item "Which personal data is collected".

By filling out the application form on this website, applicants expressly agree that personal data (in particular: first and last name, title, gender, date of birth, nationality, legal employment conditions, driver's license, education and professional background, language skills and special knowledge, information on the desired Position, information about the availability, blocking notices and interests including the data resulting from all attachments such as resume and certificates) for the purpose of providing personnel in our Recruiting Spftware.

Applicants' data will be kept for the duration of the application process, any subsequent employment and after application and / or employment for the duration of the respective statutory retention period and / or kept 48 months after the last collaboration.

The above-mentioned "rights of persons affected" apply.


Your data processed on the use of our website will be deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose of the storage is omitted, the deletion of the data does not conflict with statutory storage requirements and subsequently no other information is provided on individual processing methods.

Server data

For technical reasons, in particular to ensure a secure and stable Internet presence, data is transmitted through your Internet browser to or to our web space provider. With these so-called server log files u.a. Type and version of your Internet browser, the operating system, the website from which you have changed to our website (referrer URL), the website (s) of our website you are visiting, the date and time of access and the IP address of the Internet Internet connection, from which the use of our Internet presence occurs.


These collected data will be temporarily stored, but will not be shared with other data by you.


This storage takes place on the legal basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in the improvement, stability, functionality and security of our website.


The data will be deleted at the latest after seven days, as long as no further storage for evidence is required. Otherwise, all or part of the data will be exempted from the cancellation until final clarification of an incident.


Website provider

We use the services of the homepage provider Ltd., Namal 40, 6350671 Tel Aviv, Israel. Hereinafter called "". Based in Europe: Luxembourg S.a.r.l., 5 Rue Guillaume Kroll, L - 1882 Luxembourg. You can also send inquiries about the EU Data Protection Regulation to iTEC is thus a user of, if you use our homepage, you are in the sense of "users of users". Below, we've summarized key information from's privacy policy. The full version can be found at

What data is collected by collects two types of data: personal information (which can be used to uniquely identify a person) and non-personal information (that is not identifying information). collects such data about users and visitors as well as users of users and other users who make them available to may also collect, for the sole benefit of our users, similar data related to visitors and users of our users' websites or services ("users of users").

Why does collect such data? collects and uses data to make our services available and to make them better and safer, as well as to contact visitors, users and job applicants, and to comply with's applicable laws.

Where are the data stored? may store and process personal information in the United States, Europe, Israel or other jurisdictions - either itself or through affiliates and service providers. The data storage providers with whom works are contractually committed to protecting your privacy. Among other things, fulfills the data protection principles of the EU-US and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Agreement in order to better protect the data of users and users of users.

Some jurisdictions require to manage and store the data locally. may also share such data in other locations, including: in the US, capture, process and store.

Data of users of users

Wix can collect and process data about the users of our users. does this exclusively in the name and on the instructions of the users. Users are solely responsible for their users' data, including its legality, safety and integrity. Wix has no direct relationship with the users of users.

Transfer of personal data to third parties may share the data of visitors, users and their users with users of various third parties, including certain service providers, law enforcement agencies and application developers. The data may only be passed on according to this guideline.


a) Session Cookies

We use so-called cookies with our website. Cookies are small text files or other storage technologies that are stored and stored on your device by the Internet browser you use. These cookies process certain information about you, such as your browser or location data or your IP address, to an individual extent.

This processing makes our website more user-friendly, effective and secure, as the processing, for example, allows us to reproduce our website in different languages ​​or to offer a shopping cart function.

The legal basis for this processing is Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR, insofar as these cookies process data for the purpose of initiating the contract or processing the contract.

If the processing does not serve to initiate or execute the contract, our legitimate interest lies in improving the functionality of our website. Legal basis is then in Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR.

Closing your internet browser deletes these session cookies.

b) First-party cookies


Name of the Cookie                 Duration                    Purpose

ForceFlashSite                           Session                      Viewing a mobile page (old mobile site forces the server to view the non-                                                                                          mobile version and avoids redirecting to the mobile site.

hs                                                 Session                     Security

smSession                                  Permanent               Identifies registered members of the site
                                                     (2 days or
                                                      2 weeks)

XSRF-TOKEN                               Session                      Security 


Name of the Cookie                  Duration                     Purpose

svSession                                    Permanent                 Identifies unique visitors and tracks a visitor's visits to a website
                                                      (2 years)                    
RequestID                                   Session                       Tracks visitor behavior and measures the performance of the website

                                                     (20 seconds)

SSR-caching                                Session                       Specifies how a website was rendered

smSession                                   Permanent               Identifies registered members of the site

                                                      (2 Wochen)

c) Third-party cookies

If necessary, our website also uses cookies from partner companies with whom we cooperate for the purpose of advertising, analyzing or functionalizing our website.

For details, in particular for the purposes and legal bases of processing such third-party cookies, please refer to the information below.


Name of the Cookie                    Duration                         Purpose

TS*                                                 Session                           Security

TS01*******                                Session                           Security

TSxxxxxxxx                                   Session                           Security

TSxxxxxxxx_d                               Session                           Security

d) Option of elimination

You can prevent or limit the installation of cookies by setting your Internet browser. You can also delete previously saved cookies at any time. However, the necessary steps and measures depend on your specific internet browser. If you have questions, please use the help function or documentation of your Internet browser or contact its manufacturer or support. With so-called Flash cookies, however, the processing can not be prevented by the settings of the browser. Instead, you need to change the setting of your Flash Player. The necessary steps and measures depend on your specific Flash player. If you have any questions, please also use the help function or documentation of your Flash Player or contact the manufacturer or user support.

Should you prevent or restrict the installation of the cookies, however, this may result in not all functions of our website being fully usable.


The data transmitted by you for the use of our service offer are processed by us for the purpose of contract execution and are required to that extent. Conclusion of contract and contract are not possible without provision of your data. The legal basis for processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) GDPR.

We delete the data with complete contract processing, but must observe the tax and commercial retention periods.

As part of the contract, we pass on your data to the transport company commissioned with the delivery of goods or to the financial service provider, insofar as the transfer is required for the delivery of goods or for payment purposes.

The legal basis for the transfer of the data is then Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) GDPR.

Customer account / registration function

If you create a customer account with us via our website, we will use the data entered by you during registration (eg your name, address or e-mail address) exclusively for pre-contractual services, for the fulfillment of the contract or for the purpose of Customer care (eg to provide you with an overview of your previous orders with us or to offer you the so-called memo function) and save. At the same time, we then save the IP address and the date of your registration along with the time. A passing on of this data to third parties is of course not.

As part of the further registration process, your consent to this processing is obtained and reference is made to this privacy policy. The data collected by us are used exclusively for the provision of the customer account.

Insofar as you consent to this processing, Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) GDPR Legal basis for processing.

Insofar as the opening of the customer account additionally serves pre-contractual measures or the fulfillment of the contract, the legal basis for this processing is also Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) GDPR.

The consent given to us in the opening and maintenance of the customer account can be withdrawn at any time with effect for the future, in accordance with Art. 7 para. 3 DSGVO. For this you only have to inform us about your withdrawal.

The data collected will be deleted as soon as the processing is no longer necessary. However, we must observe tax and commercial retention periods.


Contact requests / contact options at

If you contact us via contact form or e-mail with, the data provided by you will be used to process your request. The specification of the data is required for processing and answering your inquiry - without their provision can not answer your request or at best only to a limited extent.

The legal basis for this processing is Article 6 (1) lit. b) GDPR.

Your data will be deleted by, provided that your request has been finally answered and the deletion does not conflict with any statutory storage requirements, such as in the event of subsequent contract execution. contact:

40 Nemal Tel Aviv St., Tel Aviv, Israel or Inc., 500 Terry A. Francois Boulevard, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94158 or Luxembourg Sarl, 5, rue Guillaume Kroll, L-1882 Luxembourg

or under


Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics. This is a web analytics service provided by Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA, hereafter referred to as "Google."

Certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield

it is guaranteed that Google complies with EU data protection standards when processing data in the United States.

The service of Google Analytics is used to analyze the usage behavior of our website. Legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in the analysis, optimization and economic operation of our website.

User and user-related information, such as IP address, location, time or frequency of visiting our website, are transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. However, we use Google Analytics with the so-called anonymization function. With this feature, Google already truncates the IP address within the EU / EEA.

The data collected in this way will again be used by Google to provide us with an evaluation of the visit to our website as well as about the usage activities there. Also, this data may be used to provide other services related to the use of our website and the use of the Internet.

Google states that you do not associate your IP address with any other data. In addition, Google under provides further data protection information, including, for example, the possibilities to prevent the use of data.


On our website, we use Google Maps for the representation of our location and for the creation of a driving description. This is a service of Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA, hereafter referred to as "Google."

Certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield it is guaranteed that Google complies with EU data protection standards when processing data in the United States.

In order to enable the representation of certain writings in our Internet appearance, a connection to the Google server in the USA is established when calling our Internet appearance.

Insofar as you access the Google Maps component integrated in our website, Google will store a cookie on your device via your Internet browser. To view our location and provide directions, your user settings and data are processed. Here we can not rule out that Google uses servers in the United States.

Legal basis is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR. Our legitimate interest lies in optimizing the functionality of our website.

Google's connection to Google enables it to determine from which website your request has been sent and to which IP address the directions are to be transmitted.

If you do not agree with this processing, you have the option to prevent the installation of cookies by the corresponding settings in your Internet browser. You will find details on this under the heading "Cookies".

Moreover, Google offers further information on and

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