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iTEC specialises in recruiting qualified and motivated IT specialists according to its customers´ individual demands and needs.

Our IT experts are well-educated and attend courses to stay updated in order to achieve optimal work results on a high level.

We offer you the optimal selection and on-time secondment of IT specialists. As your partner we stay continuously in touch with our leased personnel and their team leads, to be able to assure the quality of our IT consulting services and to constantly optimize our offers according to your particular needs.

Cooperation models

We offer our customers different possibilities for cooperation. The choice of the cooperation model depends highly on the individual needs of our customers and our models will be tailored to meet the particular requirements.

To be able to offer our customers additional, cost-efficient solutions, we have integrated “Nearshoring” into our portfolio. In the course of this cooperation model, well-educated and experienced IT-specialists in Slovakia and the Ukraine are working on the implementation of your project and/or work package. It´s possible to have meetings with the Nearshoring teams in Vienna on a weekly basis – also, there is a regular communication throughout the entire work process.

Your benefits: our employees speak English and/or German, work in the same time zone and implement cost-efficient and high-quality solutions.

Our specialists carry out the analysis and conception of your IT projects. We offer our consulting services in different areas:

  • BI (Business Intelligence)

  • DWH

  • Billing

  • CRM

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

  • Client Management

  • Server Management

  • Infrastructure

  • Security & Access

We will also provide you with a solution for “exotic” inquiries: challenge us and send us your requirements, where others have failed!

Diskussion der Zahlen

Analysis, Consulting & Concept






Our experienced IT project managers have long-lasting know-how in the field of project management und will lead and implement your IT projects professionally:

  • Project planning

  • Project management

  • Project controlling

  • Reporting

  • Project documentation


IT Project Management



iTEC IT specialists will dynamically support you with the implementation of your IT projects. Amongst others, we can provide you expertise in the following areas:

  • Client/server solutions

  • Internet applications

  • Web services

  • Database solutions

  • Mobile applications

We offer our services on all (popular) platforms and technologies.





Our IT specialists cover a wide spectrum of different technologies on (popular) development environments. iTEC´s employees help you in ensuring a high quality of your IT projects in the following areas:

  • Test management

  • Performance of software and hardware tests

  • Test automation

Los Team

Quality assurance

Our experts support you in the operation and maintenance of both your existing and new systems and application in the following areas:

  • System administration

  • Infrastructure

  • Database administration

  • 1st level support / User helpdesk

  • 2nd level support

  • 3rd level support

  • Client support / software & hardware rollout

  • Application support



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