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In order to enter into a cooperation contract with a company outside of Austria, the law obliges us to obtain information about the respective foreign company.


We therefore ask you to return the completed “Contractor Checklist” to us together with the document “Written proof of power of representation”.


Further, we also need the following documents (copy):

  1. A current (not older than 6 months) confirmation / excerpt from the company (trade) register of your company

  2. The VAT number of your company

  3. Copies of the passports / photo ID cards of the owner(s) of your company

  4. Information, if your company has any further employees except you, and if so, a conformation of the social insurance agency about the employment of employees


The European Union (and thus Austria) has committed itself to the principle that workers who are posted to another country should work under the same working conditions as all other workers in that country.

Therefore, according to legal regulations, companies outside Austria that send or transfer workers to Austria must comply to the minimum wage regulations applicable in Austria as well as to some other applicable labor law regulations.


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We are happy to answer all questions that might occur.

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